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ah, summatime.
June 3, 2010, 5:54 pm
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last of my classes are over, now, only work and then onto this summer, whether or not it may be weed free, it still shall be a good one. my last one in cincy, a weird feeling.

i am a sophonomore.

however, i AM eating alone in baker right now, white chicken chili, and sitting alone amongst  tables filled with friends, frenemies, and lovers.

last of black sheep, last of thursdays at work ­čśŽ last of the parties in athens.

soon, it will be last of the dorms, dining halls, and living on top of each other, and that simply can’t come soon enough.

i love you.

ps….found a picture of kiki’s bare tits pressed up against another bare titted slut on fb, for all to see. glad i used to have to compete with someone that classy. hahahah fml.


done (dunn)
June 2, 2010, 3:04 pm
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amazing weekend for memorial day….definite success. partied hardy with the girls, turkey roast, got to see my cincy niggas, and then hung out with new friends on monday at jeremys pool all day. all in all….great weekend.

finishing up studying for history right now, after this i’m pretty much home free. (thank god)

date weekend with the boy this weekend, should be fun.

home wed.

canada thurs morning.

more later.

i love you.