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never say never
February 21, 2011, 5:01 am
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once again. i’m alone.

this title is a play on words. i am watching chelsea lately right now and bieb is on promoting his movie. neversaynever. thats basically what brock and i told each other yesterday morning when we broke up. i called him, and for the first time we both agreed that being alone was better for both of us, instead of staying in this constantly fighting relationship. we are both exhausted of fighting. but now, i am tired of crying already. and its only been a few hours. they say time heals everything, but i’m still waiting. i dont know if i will be able to be healed. writing isnt working anymore. crying just gives me a headache. texting other boys that are just a shell of friends just makes me miss him more. hes the one who knows me. who knows the curves on my hips, the smell of my hair. i know that this is right. that time will be able to heal me. time apart will hopefully allow us to grow, and therefore allow us to come back together one day with a strong and mature relationship. one where facebook and cellphones arent an issue. but until then, ill never say never.


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